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CFD using Power
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A New CFD Tool using Conservation of Power
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Aeroelastic Analysis, Transonic Analysis, Supersonic Analysis, Jet Analysis, Rotorcraft, Internal Flow Analysis, Noise, Accousitic Vibration,  Mixed Flow--wake analysis, Compressible Flow Analysis. 
Weather Modeling, Current Modeling, Internal Combustion Engine Flow Modeling, Automotive Exterior Flow Problems, Marine Locomotion, HVAC modeling, Ballistics Modeling, Fusion-Fission Reactor Modeling, Biological Process Modeling (Breathing, Circulatory Flow, etc.) Structural Loads from Wind and Currents,  Marine Hydrodynamic loads on vessels, Heat Transfer, Coastal Errosion, avian flight and many more.

Rotor Blade Tip Eddies

Smoke caught in the curvilinear flow around eddies generated at the tip of a rotor blade.  As the eddies move downward they weaken as rotational motion is convertes to linear motion.  Is this a continuum?
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